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Film Producer in Australia

If you need a Producer or Production Manager based in Brisbane / Queensland, or anywhere in Australia, I'm your girl .

As an experienced and passionate Film Producer in Brisbane, I specialize in bringing creative visions to life through streamlined production management. With my solid organizational skills and attention to detail, I ensure seamless coordination of all aspects of the production process, from talent sourcing and budgeting to logistics and scheduling.


Whether you're in Brisbane or other locations in Queensland, I provide a full range of production management services to help your project succeed.

As a freelance Film Producer, I have worked with a wide range of clients, from small local businesses to globally recognized brands. My commitment to excellence and attention to detail are second to none. By choosing me as your Film Producer, you'll enjoy personalized services tailored to your unique requirements, resulting in a final product that exceeds your expectations.

Production Manager in Brisbane


I offer comprehensive production services to help you achieve your goals. As a highly experienced Production Manager in Brisbane / Queensland, my approach to production management emphasises open communication and collaboration with all stakeholders.


By choosing me as your Producer or Production Manager, you can trust me to handle complex logistical issues and ensure seamless integration of various components of your production.


When you work with me, you're not just getting a dedicated Producer or Production Manager, but a committed partner who shares your passion for creative storytelling. As a renowned Film Producer in Australia, I make sure that every detail is accounted for to facilitate a delightful experience. From planning and ideation to execution and delivery, I work closely with my clients to ensure their visions come to life.

If you're looking for professional, comprehensive production management services in Brisbane, Queensland, or elsewhere in Australia, you found it - long form, factual, non-scripted and commercial.


Contact me today to learn more about how I can help bring your creative vision to life.


•  Scheduling

•  Budget, quotes / estimates

•  Stakeholder management

•  Agency producer

•  Production management

•  Post-production management
   and supervision

•  Crew bookings and management

•  Location management and permits

•  Casting

•  Travel arrangements

•  Equipment rental

•  Shoot management

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